• Document translations include but not limited to: media releases, publications, legal documents, technical manuals
  • Book translations
  • Radio and television scripts
  • Interpreting (legal, medical, insurance)
  • Conference interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Arbitrations and depositions
  • Medical Forms
  • Instructions & Manuals
  • HR Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Training Materials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Immigration Documents
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Presentations & Proposals
  • Voiceover, narration etc.
  • Proofreading
  • Language training
  • Cultural workshops
  • Audio transcribing

Advertising, agriculture, business/corporate, ecology/environmental, education, entertainment, law/legal, life sciences, manufacturing, medical/pharmaceutical, political, technical/software, insurance are some of the industries White Water Publishing, Inc. serves. White Water Publishing, Inc. is committed to providing your organization the same quality service and personal attention that we proudly offer our established customers. We look forward to serving you on your next project.


White Water Publishing, Inc. provides two types of interpretation services:


For any event where the interpreter speaks after the question or statement in the original language is made, i.e. business meetings, depositions, doctor’s appointments, etc.


For any event where the interpreter works “backstage” and speaks at the same time the question or statement in the original language is made, i.e. speeches, conventions, conferences, presentations, seminars, etc. Throughout each phase of the translation process, word choices, usage and cultural appropriateness are adhered to, so that the client’s concepts are conveyed accurately.

VOICEOVER: Hande Taylan, a native of Istanbul, Turkey, has been doing voice work for radio stations and other professional companies in United States since 2002.

PRINTING and DISTRIBUTION: When you get a book or a booklet translated by Hande Taylan, White Water Publishing, Inc. is able to also get that project printed and distributed in your target country, Turkey. White Water Publishing, Inc. supervises all printing jobs carried out by it’s printing partners and all work is carefully checked and coordinated before proceeding with the final printing.

CULTURAL CONSULTING: Companies must know how the target country will accept and react to their pitches, brands, products, services, and websites and avoid potential costly cultural blunders. White Water Publishing, Inc. prepared many American executives, business travelers, and their families for overseas assignments by teaching them Turkish as well as making them aware of cultural differences in Turkish business and everyday life. White Water Publishing, Inc. promotes cultural awareness and understanding, resulting in improved work relationships between local and foreign employees and management. Whether greeting an executive, attending a business meeting, being a guest, or dining with a client, knowing the right and the wrong way to do things can make the critical difference between success and failure.

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